At the American Geophysical Union, there will be a townhall meeting on Thursday. From the handout circulating:

Townhall Meeting Peer-Reviewed Data Publication and Other Strategies to Sustain Verifiable Science

Objective, verifiable science requires formal, reviewed publication of both data and research results. Data publication facilitates essential scientific processes including transparency, reproducibility, documentation of uncertainty, and preservation. The AGU Council reaffirmed this fundamental responsibility in a revised position statement. (Position statement available at x Nonetheless, data publication lacks established cultural practices and quality standards for modern, complex, digital data sets. This town hall meeting will present the AGU position statement and evolving international data publication mechanisms. We seek input from all disciplines on state-of-the-art approaches for data peer-review, peer-recognition, citation, and other verification practices. The Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP Federation) will publish discussion results.


  • Ruth Duerr, National Snow and Ice Data Center
  • Jean-Bernard Minster, University of California, San Diego
  • Rob Raskin, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Mark Parsons, National Snow and Ice Data Center


December 17, 2009 (7:30-8:30pm); Moscone West, Room 2009


  • How should the intellectual effort of data publication be recognized?
  • Is peer review for data appropriate and how might that be implemented?
  • Is formal data citation appropriate and how might that work?


"The scientific community should recognize the professional value of (data) activities by endorsing the concept of publication of data, to be credited and cited like the products of any other scientific activity, and encouraging peer-review of such publications." - AGU position statement

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