Notes from AGU 2009Edit

Notes left at poster IN31B-1008, "Ignored Issues in e-Science: Collaboration, Provenance and the Ethics if Data":

  • Uncertainties in some data are not straightforward to include in data files. Software should be seen as an alternative source of uncertainty information
  • Provenance can't be bolt-on. It must be part of the data system from the beginning of the mission. Otherwise, people can case doubt in the data to refute research they don't like.
  • How you describe / document time series data is fundamentally different from images & spectra -- Collections are hard to define when the isn't a synoptic campaign.
  • In sensor networks -- need annotation of when sensors are swapped out or other discontinuities.
  • Need ways to measure how interoperable systems are; types of interop and levels of compliance.
  • IRL : Interoperability Readiness Levels. Join the NASA Tech Infusion Working Group.
  • IPY is working on a cookbook.
  • Create reward systems for scientists that reward re-usability. (see Townhall Thurs evening)
  • How do we determine the value of data? Increase in data value if we can reduce uncertainty or increase interop with other data.
  • Scale of software -- when do you need to bring in a programmer, or a whole team to make it a full project?
  • (suggestion) -- name and shame the problem data sets.
  • Different users have different requirements -- do you cater to the general user or all specific cases. Quick search vs. advanced search.
  • Author identities : using pseudonyms to publish fringe work (blogs) ... might later want to merge identities, or might try to disassociate them when trying to get a new job.
  • Need automatization methos to process Nexrad data products by extracting only certain grids from a time data series of files, by geographic coordinate and/or location transformation files to readible formats. txt, shp, ...
  • It is impossible to tell in detail exactly how the data was produced. What assumptions were made, what artifacts introduced, what the absolute accuracy is.
  • Software engineering point of view for data : (diagram)

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